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We are glad to welcome you on the page of our trade union organization

The trade union organization unites all members of the collective, participates in everyday life – weekdays and holidays, contests and competitions.

The trade union is today the only organization that has the right under the law and is capable of actually representing the interests and protecting the rights of workers.

TRADE UNION – a voluntary public association of citizens connected by common industrial, professional interests by the nature of their activity, created to represent and protect their social and labor rights and interests.

What gives us a union.Stability of labor relations.Introduction to the management of institutions through agreements and collective agreements.Support and development of creative and professional potential.Legal advice. Defense in court. Consultations of labor protection specialists and legal assistance in case of accidents.Organization of recreation for workers and their children.Organization and holding of cultural events.Material assistance to employees.Tasks of the primary trade union organizationTo intensify the work of the primary trade union organization on the representation and protection of the interests of members of the trade union, improving the social protection of workers.To contribute to improving the financial situation, creating conditions for leisure activities.Carry out organizational measures to increase motivation and strengthen professional membership.Strengthen and develop professional solidarity.Regulatory documents of the Trade Union of Education and Science: Constitution of the Republic of KazakhstanLAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN on trade unionsConstitution of the Republic of KazakhstanLAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN on trade unions(as amended on July 11, 2017) Labor Code of the Republic of KazakhstanThe collective agreement on the regulation of socio-economic and labor relations between the administration and the labor collective of the state-owned private partnership Aksu College named after Jayau Musa for 2018-2020.The basic principles of social partnership between the director and employeesThe equal rights of the parties.Respect and consideration of interests of the parties.Interest of the parties in the participation of contractual relations.Compliance by the parties and their representatives with labor laws and other regulations containing labor law standards.Voluntary commitment by the parties.The obligation to fulfill the collective agreement and agreements.Responsibility of the parties, their representatives for failure to comply with the terms of the collective agreement, agreements.Chairman of the trade union committee of KGKP Aksu

College named after Zhayau Musa – Smagulova Ayazhan Bazarbayevna

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