Quality policy of the state educational institution at the Perm State University “Aksu Higher Multidisciplinary College named after Zhayau Musa” of the Education Department of Pavlodar Region, Akimat of Pavlodar Region 

  • The quality policy is aimed at:
  • • – improvement of the College management system based on modern organization management methods, including the modernization of the organizational structure, which ensures adaptation to constantly changing conditions of educational activity;
  • • – continuous improvement of the quality of educational activities through the introduction of modern educational technologies, including e-learning and distance learning technologies;
  • • – creating conditions for improving the quality of educational services by constantly improving the educational, methodological, material, technical and informational support of educational activities;
  • • – ensuring the high qualification of teaching staff through continuous training and improving the professional level of the teaching staff, creating and implementing a system of personal assessment of the work of each employee;
  • • – the formation of socio-economic conditions aimed at motivating and increasing the responsibility of all employees for the quality of their activities;
  • • – creation of conditions for positive motivation of students to study, their satisfaction in professional, intellectual, cultural and moral development;
  • development of the experimental and innovative activities of the College, including through participation in the implementation of projects and programs of the Republican and regional levels;
  • • – development of mutually beneficial partnerships with domestic and foreign educational institutions and enterprises of the real sector of the economy based on the network form of interaction in the joint implementation of educational programs;
  • • – ensuring information transparency and accessibility of information about the activities of the College, including the availability and functioning of the quality management system (QMS);
  • • – continuous monitoring of the performance of the activities and processes of the QMS according to the established indicators, the results of internal audits and the results of sociological studies;
  • • – continuous maintenance of a certified QMS in working condition, increasing its effectiveness and efficiency.

The management of the College is responsible for the implementation of this Policy at all levels of management, bringing it to the attention of staff, its updating and providing the necessary resources for all types of activities.

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