Passports of public services

Acceptance of documents in the organization of technical and professional, post-secondary education

Government agency«Education Department of Pavlodar region» (
Service recipientsIndividuals
Service Location   Service Provider Office:– KGKP «Pavlodar College of Transport and Communications»-KGKP «Pavlodar College of Technology»– KGKP «Pavlodar Pedagogical College named after B. Akhmetova «-KGKP «Pavlodar Engineering College»– KGKP «Krasnoarmeysky agrarian and technical college»– KGKP «Aksu College J. Musa»– KGKP «Pavlodar Medical College»– KGKP «Ekibastuz Medical College»-KKKP «Ekibastuz Polytechnic College»– State institution “College of Music – School of Music-Boarding School for Gifted Children”-KGKP «Pavlodar Business College»-KGKP «Pavlodar Chemical and Mechanical College»-KGKP «Pavlodar College of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy»-KGKP «Pavlodar College of Service Industry»- KGKP «Pavlodar College of Syro-Construction and Communal Services»-KGKP «Pavlodar College of Technical Service»- «Pavlodar Railway College»- KGKP «Pavlodar assembly college»- KGKP «Pavlodar College No. 1»- KGKP «Pavlodar College No. 2»-KGKP «Pavlodar College of Service and Food»- KGKP «Aksu College of Ferrous Metallurgy-KGKP «Ekibastuz Construction Technical College»-KGKP «Ekibastuz Mining and Technical College named after K. Pshenbaev»-KGKP «Aktogai Agricultural Technical College»-KGKP «Bayanaul Agricultural Technical College»-KGKP «Zhelezinsky Agricultural Technical College»-KGKP «Irtysh Agricultural Technical College»-KGKP «Kachir Agricultural Technical College»-KGKP «Lebyazhinsky Agricultural Technical College»- KGKP «May Agricultural Technical College»-KGKP «Assumption Agricultural Technical College»-KGKP Shcherbakty Agrarian Technical College «-TOO «Pavlodar Polytechnic College»- UO «Pavlodar Economic College of Kazpotrebsoyuz»- Public institution «Pavlodar art college»-NOU «Pavlodar humanitarian-pedagogical college»- NOU «Pavlodar humanitarian college»-Institution «Pavlodar Technical and Economic College»-Institution «Pavlodar Oil and Gas College»-UOO «Pavlodar innovative multidisciplinary college»- ChUOO «Pavlodar College of Management»- LLP «College InEU»- Institution «College of Information Technology and Business»- ChUOO “Kainar College”-UO «Pavlodar innovative technical college»- LLP «Ekibastuz College of Innovative Eurasian University»-NUO «Ekibastuz College of Engineering and Technology Institute named after ac. Satpayev- LLP «Ekibastuz Humanitarian Technical College»
Service costIs free
 From the moment of delivery of the package of documents to the service provider for service recipients, incoming:full-time studies – from June 20 to August 20;for correspondence (evening) forms of training – from June 20 to September 20.The maximum allowable waiting time for delivery of a package of documents by the service recipient is 15 minutes.The maximum allowable service time is 15 minutes.
Service DurationProvision of services on the portal of «electronic government»Service DurationProvision of services on the portal of «electronic government»               No
Provision of services through a government agency1) an application for admission in any form;2) the original educational certificate;3) photographs of 3×4 cm in the amount of 4 pieces;4) a medical certificate of form 086-U with the attachment of a fluoroscopic image (for persons with disabilities of groups I and II and people with disabilities from childhood, a medical and social examination report), approved by order of the acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 23, 2010 No. 907 (registered in the Register of State Registration of Normative Legal Acts No. 6697);5) certificate of unified national testing or complex testing (if any);6) an identity document (for identification).The service recipients – foreigners and stateless persons, also submit a document defining their status, with a note on registration at the place of residence:1) foreigner – a residence permit of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan;2) stateless person – a certificate of a stateless person;3) refugee – refugee certificate;4) asylum seeker – certificate of asylum seeker;5) oralman – certificate of oralman.
Provision of services through PSCNo
The result of the provision of public services
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