About the branch

About the branch

An important issue is the provision of opportunities for working youth to receive special education on the job. Every young man should be able to get a profession and education, not looking up from work.

Message from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan 


Department Head
Galimova Saule Zhenisovna


Department Methodist
Ivantsik Nina Viktorovna

History of the correspondence department

A prominent place in the system of secondary vocational education is occupied by the training of specialists on the job. Extramural education fully meets the objectives of continuing professional education. This most flexible form of training allows people engaged in professional activities in their free time to receive secondary vocational education and improve their skills.

The correspondence department is one of the oldest departments of the college. The history of the formation of the department dates back to 1985, when an evening department was opened at the energy technical school. As of September 1, 1985, 45 students in the specialties were enrolled in the student body: electrical technician; heating technician; construction technician.

In 1991, the correspondence department opens. The correspondence department has rich experience and traditions of training market-oriented specialists and therefore they are always in demand. In almost all sectors of industry and the national economy, students of the correspondence department of the Aksu College named after Zhayau Musa are working. A graduate is issued a diploma of secondary vocational education of the state standard. Over the years, the department has trained more than 20,000 specialists.

Today, in the correspondence department of our college, training of specialists is conducted on a paid basis in the state and Russian languages ​​in the following specialties:

SpecialtyDuration of study QualificationDuration of study Qualification
0101000, «Preschool education and training»2 g. 10 m. Educator of preschool organizations2 g. 10 m. Educator of preschool organizations
0103000, «Physical Culture and Sports»2 g. 10 m. Teacher of physical education and sport2 g. 10 m. Teacher of physical education and sport
0401000, «Librarianship»1 g. 10 m. Librarian1 g. 10 m. Librarian
0403000, «Socio-cultural activity and folk art»2 g. 10 m. Leisure organizer, director of mass theatrical performances2 g. 10 m. Leisure organizer, director of mass theatrical performances
0518000, “Accounting and Auditing” (by industry)1 g. 10 m. Accountant economist1 g. 10 m. Accountant economist
0901000, «Electrical equipment of power plants and networks» (by type)2 g. 10 m. Technician-electrician2 g. 10 m. Technician-electrician
0906000, “Thermal power plants of thermal power plants”2 g. 10 m. Technician-power engineer2 g. 10 m. Technician-power engineer
1002200, «Metallurgy of ferrous metals»2 g. 10 m. Metallurgical technician2 g. 10 m. Metallurgical technician

The number of students in the 2019-2020 academic year at the correspondence department was 355 students. Formed 19 training groups.

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