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Dear friends! 

      I am sincerely glad to welcome you on the pages of the website of the Aksu College named after Zhayau Musa.

    Education is the foundation of a modern knowledge-based economy – the economy of the post-industrial, information society. It does not just train specialists for specific jobs and does not just expand the professional and cultural horizons of a person. Today, education is the most important means and resource of becoming a creative person, capable and ready for life in modern society.

   Over the different periods, the Zhayau Musa College combined 4 different technical and vocational education institutions: a cultural and educational school (founded in 1966), a college of physical education (1969), an energy college (1985), and Aksu College No. 3 (formerly GPTU-45 , 1969). TVE organizations, which have accumulated many years of rich experience, have established work with social partners, thousands of specialists have been graduated who work in different teams of the city, region and country. Today, the college, preserving the prevailing trends for years, but at the same time taking into account the requirements of the time, is training specialists for the fuel and energy and metallurgical industries of the region, education, and the social and cultural sphere of the region in 13 specialties. About 1,500 full-time and part-time students study at the college.

   The strategic goal of the college is to prepare competitive and professionally competent workers and mid-level specialists in accordance with the needs of the labor market in various industries of the Pavlodar region and the country.

     Welcome to our website, where you can get to know us in more detail, learn a lot about the life of one of the best and oldest educational institutions in Pavlodar region..

Head of college
Kurmankulov Abai Barmankulovich

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