Blog Rules

Dear blog visitors!

These Rules determine the operation of the official blog platform of the heads of state bodies of Pavlodar region – a form of interactive communication between the leaders of local executive bodies of Pavlodar region with the population – users of Internet services. The owners of the blogs are the heads of state bodies of the Pavlodar region posted on the blog platform. The blog platform, located at the electronic address:, supports Kazakh and Russian languages. In order to expedite the receipt of answers to your questions, we kindly ask you to state the essence of the question clearly and concisely. Before asking a question, you should look for the answer in the materials of blogs of akims of cities and regions, heads of regional state bodies. It is possible that the answer to your question is already there, and you can easily get the necessary information. Please write correctly. Appeals in which disrespect for the state and the language of interethnic communication are manifested, neglect of its rules and norms are blocked, regardless of the content.

The moderator reserves the right to edit the texts of the appeals without violating the general meaning of the questions, to correct obvious typos and grammatical errors.

  • The appeal will not be published (moderated) if it:
  • contains information constituting state secrets, commercial or other secret protected by law;
  • • – contains elements of propaganda for the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, advertisements for alcoholic and tobacco products, information of a pornographic and sexual-erotic nature, promotes a cult of cruelty and violence, discrimination on social, racial, national, religious, class and clan superiority;
  • – contains threats and insults, slander and negative reviews of a subjective nature and false information about other participants in the discussion, specific individuals or organizations, infringes on the rights of representatives of other ethnic groups, faiths, violates the rights of minors, causes them harm in any form;
  • • – disseminates personal data of third parties without their consent;
  • • – contains spam, advertising information, pursues commercial goals;
  • • – violates any applicable law;
  • contains obscene language and its derivatives, as well as hints on the use of lexical units that fall under this definition (messages containing obscene language are deleted automatically).
  • • We ask you to refrain from repeated calls on the same issue, lengthy discussions and evaluations of the content of answers to questions asked, the use of various applications and links to other network resources, documents, images, video files. Otherwise, these questions and links will be deleted by the moderator. Information about the authors of the appeals received on the blog platform is strictly confidential.
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